Andres Clari

I’m a freelance mobile and web developer specialized in Android development, Ruby on Rails sites and web apps, I tweet, blog and occasionally jump out of planes.

MemoryGuard Mobile Condolences

Created Sencha Touch app to send condolences from your mobile device.


What I did:

  • Created implementation with Sencha Touch, Compass, Sass, etc.
  • Created original design, palettes, icons and variations of the owner’s logo.
  • Implemented customized navigation system extending what the framework provides.
  • Implemented custom views for tablet and phone, making use of a sidebar on tablets, and using a top-docked video pane on phones, with custom modes for portrait and landscape.
  • Implemented automatic fetching of available video tribute to present with the person’s info.
  • Implemented restrictions so only users where an app license has been purchased can use the app.
  • Implemented restrictions so that desktop browsers can’t use the app.
  • Implemented time restrictions so only videos can be uploaded during a custom period of time dictated by the server.
  • Implemented full custom flow for condolence sending including TOS agreement, parallel form for text and video condolences.
  • Implemented HTML5 and ajax 2 upload of files, that automatically triggers the camera and uploads the video recorded with progress indicator, and animations.
  • Implemented custom short urls that redirect from a url with an id to the app’s url with a hashtag id.
  • Implemented email confirmation of sent condolences.
  • Implemented custom error screens.