Andres Clari

I’m a freelance mobile and web developer specialized in Android development, Ruby on Rails sites and web apps, I tweet, blog and occasionally jump out of planes.

Note And Go

Creation of Android app, NoteAndGo client for Simplenote


What I did:

  • Created Android app.
  • Backwards compatible with Android 2.2 from Android 4.x+.
  • Implemented ActionBar UI with support for versions pre 4.0.
  • Created integration library to manage Simplenote’s sync services.
  • Implemented fast photo capture, that auto assigns the file name based on the current date so the user can go in and out in 2 taps.
  • Use a gridview gallery to present captured photos.
  • Implemented caching system to keep picture views performant.
  • Built the UI with fragments design so it works on tablets.