Andres Clari

I’m a freelance mobile and web developer specialized in Android development, Ruby on Rails sites and web apps, I tweet, blog and occasionally jump out of planes.


Implemented design, performance optimization, admin panel, etc.


What I did:

  • Implemented design and UI customization.
  • Created a theming jQuery plugin to allow user to them the site to their liking.
  • Created a “word cloud” optimized for presentation on +30 inch screens on halls, meeting rooms and alike, that dynamically adjusted word number and font size for the site’s praise messages.
  • Created a live wall for praise messages with auto updating capabilities, and embeddable on different pages.
  • Created a reports interface entirely via ajax using jQuery.
  • Prepared the servers and proprietary software to support international characters, working all the way thorough javascript applications to PHP code on the server to the MySQL databases used.
  • Complete optimization of the website in a 2 week project, that optimized the website’s load speed in ±150% and reduced exponentially the server load on required requests per load.
  • Created a control panel with Zend Framework to manage a multi-tentant setup with several servers, payment integration and reporting, user management including from sign up to roles, themes, etc.